Celebrating 50 Years! 1969 – 2019

Happy 1969 + 50!!

Posted by mcnary69 on January 20, 2019

Randy Hledik greeted me in this manner when he sent the first two 1969 issues of the McNary Piper, and I like it very much. It puts our 50th Reunion into perspective and makes it even more important that as many of us attend as possible.

Please note on the first page, our Girl and Boy of the Month for January! Dawn Bauer is one of our Reunion Committee Members and is such a great addition to the Committee as she comes up with wonderful ideas to create a meaningful reunion for everyone!

On the second page, you will see an article about classmate Gary Ebert who received nominations to both West Point and the Air Force Academy.

I also love the photos of some of our great athletes which are shown on Page 3. Can you guess who is who?

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