Celebrating 50 Years! 1969 – 2019

Social Issues, Opinions, Talents, Honors and Sports

Posted by mcnary69 on January 31, 2019

This issue of The Piper is very interesting! On the front page we have an article about married students, some of whom were our classmates and who are interviewed. It gives us some perspective of how some of our classmates had a whole different experience in high school. There is also an announcement of a Family Life class series being offered by the YMCA. How much do you think things have changed since that class was presented?

Take time to read the editorial “On the Way Out.” It speaks on the topic of protests and how they were carried out during those years.

We also get to read about some of our talented classmates who were involved in the plays at McNary. Who remembers Lemon Flatbush? It was well done and the level of talent of our thespians was amazing! And a new play is introduced in this issue. Great job all!

Judy Berg was honored in this issue for winning top price in the Elks statewide Leadership Contest. Her prize was $1000 which she stated with go directly for college.

And, let’s not forget our great athletes…. Basketball, Swimming, Wrestling and Gymnastics. We had so many gals and guys that were outstanding.

Enjoy this issue. Really gives us all an idea of what was happening when we were Seniors.

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