Celebrating 50 Years! 1969 – 2019

How Have Times Changed Since High School?

Posted by mcnary69 on February 14, 2019

Reading this issue of the Piper reminds me of how much some things have changed since we were at McNary. Girl of the Month and Rotarian of the Month were important honors at our school, the Valentine’s Day Dance was always a big event for the romantic among us! There was a call for applicants to compete in the Miss Salem Beauty Pageant and an article about the display of class rings and other items for those of us graduating in June 1969.

Of interest, in terms of how things have changed, there was an article revealing the results of a poll concerning what boys and girls wish the opposite sex would do. Read the answers and see how you feel about them, given the changing relationships between the sexes in today’s world. And a fellow Celtic, Peggy Kosack, was named The Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow.  

There is also an article about property tax relief and a sales tax! That seems to be a recurring theme in Oregon.  

Interesting editorials on love and another one calling out parents and students who boo and jeer the opposing teams at McNary sporting events.

The Wrestling team was headed to District… with three leading athletes named: Eddie Mellott, Bruce Chapin and the late Dave Luke. These guys were amazing to watch!  And, of course our Basketball team was powerful. The gymnasts were also heading to District, well representing our school.  

Enjoy this issue and see how things have changed and yet some things have stayed the same.

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