Celebrating 50 Years! 1969 – 2019

Bittersweet Ending To Our Senior Year » LND_B221022C-994B-4AC4-A3FF-3A925CEB1FFE

One Response to “LND_B221022C-994B-4AC4-A3FF-3A925CEB1FFE”

  1. Jeanene Louden said

    Thanks for posting this. The issues confronting public education then were the beginning of what became pivotal to the experiences of students today. Educators are being asked to do more with less. And kids today face the very real threat of gun violence at school, at home and in public places. [Sign.] It might be interesting to see how today’s students discuss these issues in a 2019 edition of The Piper. Again, thanks for this peek back.

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