Celebrating 50 Years! 1969 – 2019

Celebrating 50 Years – Welcome and Information

Moving Towards Our 50th Reunion!


Welcome to the countdown toward our 50th Reunion – McNary HS Class of 1969.

Home –  is where you will get the latest reunion information.

Recent Posts – Check out the monthly postings of the McNary Piper issues from our Senior Year!  Thanks to Editor Randall (Randy) Hledik, issues corresponding to publishing dates from 1968-69 will appear here in the blog. So far, we have posted issues from September 9 and October 14.  

Say Hello –  is your chance to check in with each other as we approach our 50th Reunion. Just use the comment box to let us all know whatever it is you would like to share.

Reunion Committee News – is the go to place if you want in on “the action” or just want to know what the action might be. 

If All The Blue – Remember those who have departed us. If you know about classmates who have passed away, share your information using our contact form, and we will be sure our departed classmate is honored on this page.

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One Response to “Celebrating 50 Years – Welcome and Information”

  1. Found your website by accident. Wow, I’m Gurnee Flesher’s granddaughter who graduated in 1981 from McNary and was blessed to get the official “Flesher Field” sign from the football field. Unfortunately, my grandad died before I got to learn a lot about him. Have heard stories he was a strict principal and had very few student friends due to him making them toe the line. Would love to hear your stories if my grandad had an impact on your high school years. It would mean a lot to me. Again, I know not all stories will be favorable, but to know the impact he had on you would be great to hear

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