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From Andy Culwell:

Posted by mcnary69 on July 18, 2009

Greetings fellow classmates! Wow! Another 10 years has gone by since our last get together. We will have to start doing these every 5 years from now on. What’s has been happening with me. Well, I have finally retired from the U.S. Navy and am currently living in the same house I grew up in while going to McNary. I have been working for Salem/Keizer Transit as a Transit Operator (Bus driver) for the past 7 years.
My wife Melinda is a 1st and 2nd grade billingual teacher here in Salem.
We have 4 grown children and 4 grandsons. Our oldest daughter works for T-Moble in Redmond and our 2 sons are in the military while our youngest daughter is in college.
When we are not working we are traveling and spending time with our grandsons. I am really looking forward to seeing you all again. GO CELTS!

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A Note From Julie Gottfried’s Sister Toni (Class of ’76)

Posted by mcnary69 on July 11, 2009

Hi! This is Toni Gottfried, Julie’s “much younger” sister (ha ha).

She says hi to everyone and wishes she could come. Was planning to, but we lost our Dad in May so she came then.

Julie’s been living in Alaska since 1981. She works as a Special Ed. assistant for Anchorage School Dist. She has three grandchildren.

She’d love to hear from people, you can contact her through me at this email address. I’ll pass it on.

Have a GREAT TIME! I love the school tour idea.

Toni Gottfried
Class of 76

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Randy Hledik Catches Us Up With His Life

Posted by mcnary69 on July 8, 2009

RandyForty years already?! Old people have 40 year reunions – not US! Does this mean that the Celt painted on the gym wall might be starting to fade?

After finding our yearbook packed away on a closet shelf, I studied the pictures of the 400+ of us who left the ‘60’s behind, ready to take on the world. That reminded me of some fun times during Mr. Shaw’s geometry class, Mr. Runner’s physics experiments, and Mrs. Beal’s senior English discussions, the excitement of the state basketball tournaments, and live bands playing in the school cafeteria and at the Salem Armory. I haven’t been back to McNary to walk those hallowed halls that were big and brand new when we enrolled as 9th graders – I think sometimes things are better left to the mind’s eye. I wonder: does Shakey’s Pizza Parlor still exist? Remember those part root beer, part milk concoctions they served? What a terrific place that was to go after a game or a ‘possum hunt, or to cruise past in an American made car or a VW bug. (It seems to me that Hondas were just tin cans back then, and I don’t recall that Toyotas had even been imported yet.)

But enough of the nostalgia. How do you catch up with folks you haven’t seen for years without boring them to death? Briefly, in my opinion. The essence of these four decades for me goes like this: graduated from OSU in ‘73 … six days later married a terrific girl (Kathie and I celebrated our 36th anniversary last month) … spent four years with the Army in Germany (and another 26 in the Reserve) … attended grad school at the UofO (still bleed orange and black though) … signed on with the Wildish sand & gravel and construction companies here in Track Town, USA, and have managed land, environmental and safety matters for the past 30 years (there’s never been a dull moment). I get to relive certain aspects of high school every day as Kathie is an assistant high school principal (surely, we must have been much better behaved in the old days). The two of us were euphoric when our two sons graduated from college and became gainfully employed (they’re still single, so no grandkids). We do our best to stay young by jogging, biking, hiking and x-country skiing, and very much enjoy travelling and wine (finally, a practical application for Madame Zupo’s French lessons).

I suppose these milestone anniversaries are intended to make us pause and reflect on days (years) gone by. I can’t complain at all about my life since donning that blue robe and mortar board. As loosely woven and thin as the threads might be that form the fabric of our graduating class, it’s still good to check in from time to time with those who had some degree of influence on how we all turned out. Let’s hope for 40 more years of Celtic Spirit!

Randy Hledik

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More than half a century ago . . .

Posted by mcnary69 on July 7, 2009

Some pre-celts have been here longer than McNary HS days. A handful of us started at Cummings GS, girl-boy pairs parading around in double rows every time we left our desks. Lots of changes since the 50s with Mrs. Anderson (1st grade teacher) and Mrs. Scripture (Cummings secretary). Are teachers still called Mrs. and Mr.?

My mother still lives in the same family home since we moved to Keizer in September 1957. Right around the corner is the Louden home where (I believe) Jeanne’s brother still lives. Shortly after this beginning, my sisters and I achieved ribbon-status in the Keizer Parade . . . perhaps one of the first down our 2-lane-country River Road. Hard to forget this award-wining moment . . . I was the rear end of a bull and couldn’t see a thing!

For the next of lifes’ parades . . . . http://jensawyer510.blogspot.com/

Looking forward to hearing about your 40 parade years over a great July weekend!
Cheers, Barbara Beebe Jensen

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Alan Guzman Travelling from Alaska for Reunion

Posted by mcnary69 on May 31, 2009


Alan Guzman’s mother contacted the Reunion Committee, and passed on the message that Alan will be traveling down from Juneau (shown above) this summer to attend the reunion. He has lived in Alaska since 1981, has one daughter and has been working as a carpet layer and carpenter.

He has not been able to attend any previous reunions, so he is definitely looking forward to seeing his classmates again.

So, from Alan, “SEE YOU ALL IN JULY!”

alan guzmanHere is Alan circa 1969!!

We will be very happy to have you with us, Alan!

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Roger Hanthorn

Posted by mcnary69 on April 11, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Well time sure flies. After graduation I joined the Navy and retired in June 1990 after 21 years. From 1990 until April 2008 I worked for the State Of Oregon. I now work for a company called DYN-Corp International. I will explain.

DynCorp International operates and maintains U.S. Navy flagship communications suites for the Military Sealift Command afloat maritime pre-positioned ship squadrons operating throughout the world. Our mission includes operation, maintenance, and safeguarding of shipboard communications including Local Area Network (LAN) and Information Technology (IT) systems, and responsibility for inventory control of all spare parts and for management of equipment overhaul. The primary locations for the squadrons are the Mediterranean Sea, Pacific Ocean, and Indian Ocean (Diego Garcia).

I have had this job for over a year. We deploy overseas for 4 months at a time and come home for 2 months. In April of 2008 I went to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean for 4 months. In October 2008 I went to Guam for 4 months. On April 21st I am leaving again this time I am going back to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. I live on a Military Sealift Command ship while I am deployed and we do get underway.

I have been married for 29 years. I have one daughter and 4 grand children and in August I will have one great grandson.

My wife is from the Philippines so even before I got this latest job we traveled a lot. I have always like to go places. The picture attached was taken on New Years Eve 2008. My ship was anchored on Guam and I was visiting with a friend. I’ve bored you enough.

I will not be at the reunion because I will be gone. I hope you all have a wonderful time.

Roger Hanthorn


Guam New Years Eve 2008

Guam New Years Eve 2008

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Go Celts! Beula Robb (Wood)

Posted by mcnary69 on April 8, 2009

I loved reading about everyone today-got the note from Jeanene-thank you for sending it to me. Probably won’t be able to attend but just to let you know-
Have been happily married to Glenn Robb (met him at anti-war rally’s in Eugene) for 37 years. We have two adult children (it is like having Alex K. for a son)-he is so conservative we sometimes wonder where he came from, and a daughter. Both are happily married and we presently have three grand children-all wonderful girls. We have primarily lived that past 40 years in the state of Washington, moving from Tacoma, Seattle and for the past 13 years on Anderson Island, a small island in the Puget Sound. I am presently working as an Occupational Specialist for a local school district, prior to this position I was teaching high school business classes. My husband is a manager for a local construction company. We love our lives, gardening, reading, spending time with family and friends. If any of you oldies but goldies decide to come up my way feel free to call and come by for a visit our island- it has great organic farming, people who are truely caring neighbors and a couple of lakes. Isn’t it amazing how fast time passes?

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Shannon Halsey – Hurry Up July!!

Posted by mcnary69 on March 14, 2009

Hi all………..It won’t be long and July will be here, and let the fun begin. It looks like a good job is being done by all who can help, and everyone needs to give them all a big thank you, or this would not be possible.

My spouse moved me up to Alaska in 1981, and I live in a sleepy little town called Palmer, where my whole family now lives.

Fishing, snow machines, and camping is just some of what we do up here. And with all the daylight you have plenty of time and places to go play. That is if you can drag yourself away from work. Which most do.

I have been working in Anchorage for 10 years at one of the large hotels, as their Concierge. Very fun job and many fun stories to tell. It is a very small world out there!!

Pass the word….and
Hurry up July!!!
shannon halsey

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Greetings from Elaine Hamilton (Jakola)

Posted by mcnary69 on March 14, 2009

Hi All, Wow has it really been 40 years? My mind is still 25.

I am living on Whidbey Island in Washington. Will try and make it, but nephew’s wedding may be that weekend.

I have been married forever to a wonderful man. Have 2 sons, one 38 this month and lost youngest in 2003. Still working, I was in hotel business for 20 years and now am in accounting.

Hope to see you all in July…

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I Think I Have Finally Settled Down – Sandy (Febach) Armstrong

Posted by mcnary69 on March 13, 2009

I’m just the opposite of Bruce, in that I moved around a lot. After graduation, I went to OSU for two years (Jeanene and I were roomies!), then attended OIT in Klamath Falls and got a degree in Dental Hygiene. From there I moved to San Francisco, Houston TX, then to Arizona and finally back to Oregon where I attended OHSU and received my degree in Nursing.

I lived in Portland working as an RN, an Investigator for the Oregon State Board of Nursing, a Legal Nurse Consultant for a plaintiff’s law firm. In 1997, I moved to Florida and lived there until 2004, when I moved to Arkansas.

In Arkansas, I became an intern for a master organic gardener and learned an incredible amount about growing our own food. We also had our own huge organic garden at home and fed a lot of our friends!

Almost exactly one year ago, I moved to Chesterfield MO, right outside of St. Louis. I have a terrific 20 year old son named David who is a Junior in college. I share a house with some wonderful friends of mine that I met in Arkansas. They were moving here, so I came along. I’m essentially retired, but do contract work in transcription from my home.

I am so hopeful that I will be able to come to the reunion in July. I loved our 20th… seeing all of you again, and I sure would love to sit with my friends again and share our lives together. I’m sure there will be lots of laughs and tears…

Here’s a picture of me at the top of the St. Louis arch, and a picture of my son David and his girlfriend Stephanie (she’s my other kid!) at the St. Louis Zoo.

Love to all in the Class of “69


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