Celebrating 50 Years! 1969 – 2019

All The Blue… In Memorium



Please take time to reflect upon and celebrate these Celtics who are no longer among us:

Sherry (Arnold) Duval
Judy Luella Chapman

Roger Clair DeMille

Cheri (Divel) Villwock
Patrica Sue (Durben) Risher

Terri (Grogan) Hartzell

Alan Lee Guzman
Larry Dale Hedge
Judith Marie Henry
Kathy (Huiett) Weathers

Steven Michael Janes  

Kenneth Burton Keuscher III
Venita (Lacey) Miller
Pamela Sue (Mull) Dunz
Robert W. Livesay
David Neil Luke
Charles Alan Marshall
Robin L. Merrill
Anthony Rollins
Michael Christian Schnack
Sharon Leann (Bahnsen) Smelser
Steven Paul Smyers
Vernetta Sue (Stratton) Kelly
Samuel Alan Sundet
Jeffrey William Taylor
Michael Ray Taylor

Thomas Alfred Ulmer Jr.
Chris John Walter Wade

James Alvin Walling
Jeffery David Ward
Susan Yvonne Watson
Rebecca Pearl Welsh

From Jeanene Louden:

If you are reading this blog you probably know that Judy Henry and I were cheer leaders together in high school. It would be an understatement to say we were not the best of friends. We both did our best to get along, but sparks flew from time to time. Then, time moved on and we both went to Oregon State. At the end of our freshman year I was in a terrible car accident that put me in the hospital and almost killed my boyfriend, Larry. I was hurt pretty badly, and getting regular morphine shots for the pain. One day I woke up and there was Judy, smiling, with a get well card and a gift. We had the sweetest visit. After she left I felt totally relieved of the burden of our past. I remember thinking how wonderful a new beginning could be. I looked forward to seeing her when school started in the fall. September came, I was much better and able to return to school. I kept thinking I should look her up, and was shocked when I heard she had passed away. I did not know she had cancer. I did not know there was a clock ticking. I wanted so much to thank her for being the one to give us the change to start over after high school. I found out later she knew she was terminally ill and wanted to live out her time at school with her friends. I was so touched she took the time to mend fences with me. She made my life bigger by being a part of it. I’ve tried to live up to her gift.

Chuck Marshall Remembered

After having received the reunion invitation, Chuck Marshall’s wife Marilyn wrote and informed us that Chuck had died on October 4, 2006 at age 55 due to complications following knee surgery.

Chuck was a teacher at Westview High School in Beaverton, and Marilyn told us he loved to teach and had a special gift when it came to working with high school students. The staff and students were very saddened to lose him as a teacher, a colleague and a friend.

Playing golf was a favorite pastime, and he played golf every chance he got at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Course, maintaining a single digit handicap.

Together he and Marilyn built two houses and were able to fulfill his dream of owning property on a lake at the coast.

For those of us who knew Chuck at McNary, I’m sure we feel this loss as well, and will miss him at the reunion.

To his wife Marilyn, we send our profound thanks for sharing this information with the Class of ’69 and wish she and her family much peace and happiness in the future.He and Marilyn had been married for 31 years, having met at Willamette University where Chuck played football and was a member of the golf team.  They also have twins, aged 28.

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