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Where Were You 20 Years Ago?

Posted by mcnary69 on April 26, 2009

Were you present at the 20 year reunion in 1989? If so, here is the group photo taken on Saturday night, August 12, 1989  at the Keizer Elks Club.  For those who weren’t there or don’t recognize ANYONE, the list of the cast of characters is below:


From Left to right
Bottom Row: Ted Nelson, Cheryl Glanville, Marilyn Almero, Jacque Blake, Glen Yarnell, Debbie Maier, Dorothy Huiett, Linda Allen, , Nancy Hathaway, Connie Bedell, Janet Ross, Kay Hoerauf, Pam Christenson, ????, Rick Swim

2nd Row: John Muller, Delores Erler, Cindy Moles, Kyle Gribskov, Gary Peters, Laurie Herring, Debbie Holmdahl, Diane Anderson, Toni Thompson, Janice Pyle, Thomas Forrester, Sharen Callender, Kathy Neuswanger, Charlene Zeibert, Ben Dake

3rd Row: Julia Dungey, Mary Bair, Peggy Enniga, Janell Meier, Craig Melott, Gene Ruse, Jane Sundet, Jeanene Louden, Kay Glennie, Angie Paulson

4th Row: Cliff Toney, Bruce Chapin, Karla Cross, Pat Murphy, Dawn Bauer, Steve Johnson, Venetta Lacey, Vicky Worden, Judy Chapman, Ruth Whitehurst, Bonnie Beukelman, Roger Synowski, Liz Baker, Rita Montgomery

Top Row: Linda Odermatt, Nancy Everly, Dave Sullivan, Larry Bowden, Garry Ritchey, Jack Breneman, Bob Pulver, , Linn Malm, Diana Wade, Joyce Fowler, Jackie Andersen, Barb Beebe, Buz Layman, Connie Dyer, Les Livengood, Tom Ulmer, Sandy Febach, Ron Olson, Carol Miller, Lori Andersen, Curt Thayer, Mark Walker

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