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Posted by mcnary69 on June 21, 2021

Hey Celtics!!

You are invited to a Birthday Party…. And not just ANY birthday party…. The class of 1969 is celebrating turning 70 this year and we think having out closest Celtic friends be there would be the VERY BEST birthday present EVER!!

In Sept of 2019 the Class of ‘69 had our 50th year reunion and we had a blast! We had such a good time, we wanted to keep our relationships growing by getting together again on August 28, 2021. Plus, we can also celebrate other milestones:

              Retirement—Grandparentness—Travelling— Other??

Although that pesky COVID brought uncertainty to our world, recently decided to go forward with the party due to popular demand and effective vaccines!!

Who – McNary Classes of ’68, ’69 and ’70  Yes, we really do want to see you all again!

When – Saturday, August 28, 2021

Time – Noon to 5 p m

What – An outdoor picnic – We will be following Oregon COVID guidelines

Where – On a (classy!) beach at a private lake for swimming, and with canoes for paddling!

Chapin LakeEntrance on west side of Wheatland Road, 75 yards north of intersection of Wheatland/Waconda Roads. 

Alternate site  (If weather is very wet /stormy)We will relocate one-half mile to the East and PARTY in a large shed at 2161 Waconda Rd North, Gervais OR Lots of concrete and gravel parking available!

Cost – No charge! But donations will be accepted to help us fund our 55th Reunion, which will be in 2024!

What to bring – Bring your own picnic lunch, snacks, lawn chairs, your great personalities!

We will provide soft drinks, water and dessert.

If you have pop-up shelters, beach umbrellas, etc., please bring them if you can to provide sun/light rain protection.

Please let Bruce know what you have and would be willing to bring!

RSVP to Bruce Chapin at chapin@onlinenw.com

Keep up with new info, etc. by going to our Facebook page!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1428785884041804

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Recognize Anyone?

Posted by mcnary69 on March 13, 2009

Bruce Chapin supplied these pictures from the 1999 reunion.  Do you recognize yourself or others?  Write in with your best guess as to who these Celtics of 69 might be!!  If you have any photos from either the 1989 or the 1999 reunion, please send them to me so I can get them posted!  sarmstrong@olympus.net


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Miss Mouse and Me – 40 years later by Steve Nyberg

Posted by mcnary69 on February 22, 2009

Hey, I love technology. It is so cool that I got an invitation in the mail at a new address. By the way, this is Steve Nyberg and I get this mental pictures of people from 40 years ago when I see the names of people on the post and invitations. The invitation had to chase us from Salem/Keizer to Connecticut, Atlanta, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Dallas (TX not OR) and found us in Greenville, SC, where we just moved last year.

My high school sweetheart and I (Denise Loewen from South Salem High) were also married in 1969 (oops) but despite the statistics she has still put up with me. I guess after all the training she just does not want to start over. God has a sense of humor and my life proves it every day. He also has an incredible sense of grace and mercy which I receive constantly.

Denise (Miss Mouse – my nickname) graduated from OCE while I was in the service so that I could go to school on the GI bill. We switched places while she taught and I ended up in public accounting in Portland. Went to work for a client that ended up moving to CT and all of a sudden I became a corporate gypsy, moving with the opportunities and where I felt I was meant to be, which meant all the moves to different locations and companies noted above.

Somewhere in all that we had two children and now have FOUR (how did that happen?) wonderful grandkids. Not sure it I will be able to make the reunion, but it would be a blast to catch up.

Kyle, Dave, Gil, Jenneane and to everyone else…I send warmest greetings and have fond memories.

Current contact information StevenNyberg@AOL.com, also on facebook.
Steve Nyberg

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